About Us

At Amcor Design, our philosophy is simple: We want to bring your jewelry wish to reality, delivering inimitable, custom-made pieces that inspire authenticity and represent love in all its forms.

As no two love stories are equal, we believe each story should be represented by a unique, special piece of jewelry, and we are here to make that dream come true. Every item ordered from our website is personalized and custom-made by hand with special care for each of our customers.


In striving to preserve our philosophy, Amcor Design jewelry is made of the highest quality metals, our diamonds and gemstones are all conflict-free and our craftsmanship is expert, meticulous and filled with love.

Amcor Design’s value is superior to others. The reason: we are located at the heart of New York Diamond District where our long-standing relationship with the largest diamond and gemstone manufacturers assures you the very best quality, at a fraction of the cost. We carefully hand-select each and every stone and ensure that they combine perfectly such that the synergy of the design is well preserved and the aesthetic beauty is well expressed.

All fine diamonds, gemstones, platinum jewelry and gold jewelry sold by Amcor Design, Inc. are of consistent high quality and value. Each diamond is individually cut and polished by master diamond cutters to bring out their natural beauty and fire. All colored gemstones are cut and polished by gem cutters to maximize each stone's brilliance and color. All gold jewelry is individually molded, shaped and polished to a high luster. Highly trained jewelry setters and polishers then finish each piece of fine jewelry to meet the most exacting standards of our industry. Certain selected diamond jewels are accompanied by an Independent Lab Certificate from GIA, EGL, AGS, HRD, FAGL, or IGI.

We truly enjoy assisting our customers every step of the way with special care and expert knowledge to bring their imagination to reality, helping them represent their unique style and inimitable story through innovative jewelry pieces. Your wishes can come true, and we are here to prove it.

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